It’s 110 in Gila Bend

And 109 in Tucson. But it’s a dry heat! Hey the humidity is 2%. There is a something special about living in a place where the temperatures soar to 110 degrees and can stay in triple digits for weeks. Life shifts – you hike and bike at 5:30am, carry a water bottle everywhere, don’t touch your steering wheel when you get in the car, water plants daily, wear a hat, lather on sunscreen, close the blinds when you leave the house, turn the ceiling fans on high, take a siesta, eat ice cream and gelato, and shed clothes when you get home. Cactus get lean and shrivel.¬†Even the dog wants indoors by 9am. The volume of traffic has significantly disappeared – all those snowbirds and college students have headed north.

You sweat, simmer, glisten, wilt, melt, and your skin feels sucked dry of any excess moisture. It’s a cleansing feeling, there’s a pureness that invades your being, you move at a different pace, eat less and transition to a slow life style.

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  1. No wonder everything looks dead. We are especially green, and everything is in full bloom. Nice rain, and a full lake, at least for now.

  2. Enjoy all that wet and green stuff.
    How’s the humidity?

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