Final thoughts and images

How do you pull the scents, sights, and sounds of a country and a culture through your computer keys? How do you explain the immense joy you’ve experienced? How do you thank all those who traveled with you and those you met and shared personal moments with? Here are a few final impressions…

The antiquity, layered history and magnificent art

Duomos, statues, fountains, marble, sanctuaries, ornate design, massive mosaics, bell towers, castles, frescos painted in such intricate detail they look 3 dimensional

Duomo in Pisa

All this and so much more everywhere and in everyday life

The food and the wine – Oh the food and the wine!

Fresh and simple, abundant loaves of crusty bread, pastries, croissants, cappuccino, chocolate cauldo, pasta (how many kinds of pasta can there possibly be?), olive oil, olives, proscuitto, cheese (give me more of that fresh ricotta), forcaccia, gelato, grappa, Liquirzia, Chianti, pizza, nutella

Fuel food




OH the teramisu

Won't forget the gelato

The table has been set for the best life has to offer – wine, antipasto, primo, segundo, dolce, grappa or digestivo

The landscape  – the rural countryside, the mountains, rugged shoreline and the cities

Serene, picturesque, rugged, villas, vineyards, narrow roadways, quaint and cozy villages, alleyways, stairs, walkways, foot bridges, paths, trails, flowers, piazzas, green shutters, balcones, locals and tourists, the scooters, trains and buses, the Dolomites, the sea

The people

Conversing, emotive, gesturing, friendly and welcoming, familial, smoking, riding bikes and walking, beautiful leather, scarves and snappy shoes and stilettos, carrying their bags and purses, talking about cooking and eating food.

The cycling and our amazing groupo

We’ll have some fun reminising next time we all regroup. It was a great two week ride!

One thing I will not miss is schlepping my suit case up and down stairs and alleyways and onto and off trains, buses and boats. I do know that when you travel for only 6 weeks you realize how much you are not seeing. Till the next adventure…

Thanks for joining me on this one.


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  1. cheryl rifenburgh said:

    What a beautiful trip you had! I enjoyed following along with you.
    Have a safe trip home,

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