I’ve landed in paradise!

Porto Giglio

It was an adventure getting to the Islet di Giglio – but then if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth much and this is beyond anything I expected. I am staying at Pardini’s Hermitage, a secluded villa, which is only accessible by water taxi – no dock, you just pull the boat up to the rocks and jump off- and your bag is loaded on the donkey for transport up to the villa.

Unloading supplies and luggage from water taxi

The bellman

My hosts Gigo and Barbara (the owners), Paola (the manager), Antonio (the chef) make you feel like familia. Each night for dinner all single guests are asked to eat with the familia – the women of the family – and it is a merry affair – although I don’t understand much of what’s being said – it’s all Italiano. Mas vino porfavore…

Antonio - our wonderful and jovial chef - and check out those pantalones!

Breakfast with a view

The food is fresh, mostly from the garden, olive trees, local vineyards, and of course the sea. The villa pigs and goats supply the proscuito, cheese and milk (they make much of their own cheese – the fresh ricotta with home made preserves serves as an excellent desert!).

Hiked from the Castillo at the peak of the island along the ridgeline back to the villa for panoramic views.

What a view from the trail!

The grounds are terraced gardens, stone pathways, with quiet and secluded spaces for reading, lounging or just kicking back.

One of many gardens

Quite spaces

And swimming in the sea off the rocks is my kind of pleasure.

Check out this swimming hole - wonder if you need a suit?

I don’t think I am going to want to leave this little piece of paradise – che vita – what a life!

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