Take time

In Italy, one learns to take time. To savor the aromas, sounds, vistas, cool breezes, rain drops, and early morning rays of sunshine. There is no hurry, push, rush, scramble, or alarm to coax you from your warm morning cocoon. My circadian rhythms have usurped the clock. The church bells and the birds alert me to the hour. Each day, begins like a cat stretching and lengthening its spine to a new adventure. One sips hot tea or cappuccino relaxing to watch the meandering choreography of the locals and global tourists going about their day. Idling among the small alleyways or lanes – walking, going nowhere, yet somewhere. One’s destination is not a place, but a new way of looking at things.

Wandering allows you to let go of the nagging thought that one should be doing something. To let time be spontaneous rather than force fed. To let go of always pushing up against and fighting time, clocking time daily.

Evening meals invite one to relish in the flavors of simply prepared foods, reviewing the pleasures of one’s day,  engaging with new friends, are not to be rushed and sometimes last for hours. A reflection and culmination of the day.

You really can’t be in a hurry in Italy.

So take time today – you don’t have to be in Italy.

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  1. Nice, I’ll do that too, the Italian way!

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