Pleased with the Results!

Awoke at 4:30, headed over to the transition area at 5:30 with Scott on our bikes. Steam on the lake, a baby coyote along the roadside and eagle soaring overhead. It was going to be a good day with ideal conditions. Water temp was 62, lake smooth like glass, 1.2 mile swim. I took off at a moderate pace as planned and got into the rhythm of my stroke by the second buoy. Strong swim -37:01 and was the 10th woman out of the water in our wave of about 45.

56 mile bike course was hilly as expected. About 10 miles in my legs were adapting to the elevation and feeling warmed up. Fueled early and frequently on gu, shots blocks and gatoraid. With 7-8 miles to go I ramped the up the pace towards my lactate threshold to bring it in strong. 3:23 ride time (16.5mph). A total time of 4:06. 1st place and the only woman in my age group. I savor being the oldest woman competing at these distances.
On the drive back to Tucson I did my usual post-race analysis of what I can improve on for future events…and how I can shave 6 mins off my time to come in under 4 hours next year. it’s doable:
1. My transition time was 5:50 (enough time to do my nails). That’s got to be faster – forget the shirt, arm warmers and socks (suck it up and be chilly for the first 30 mins), no eating (eat on the bike), no walking (jog up from the lake)
2. Wear an aero helmet – Dale, how much time can I pick up in 56 miles with an aero helment?
3. Train longer rides – yes should have done TTM.
4. Train more hills РOK, OK I  know this!
I can do it! Goal time 2010 – 3:59:59

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Well done, Gwen. What an athlete!! [and role model].

  2. Anonymous said:

    a big hooray for you!!! nice journal of the event.

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