You Meet the Nicest People When You Tri

One of the pleasurable aspects of sport is the interaction, connection, and relationships that you encounter and develop along the route…in training, competition, or just hanging out. Camped next to me this weekend were Diana and Lee, from San Diego, both competing in the Olympic Distance  Tri… Diana was also going for the Exterra Tri on Sunday. Young fit, high energy, and adventuresome (yes, my type of women). 

Scott, my campmate – was looking for a spot to pitch his tent as the campground was filled – was from Chandler competing in the Dueceman half ironman. When ever you get athletes together the conversation centers around gear, water temp, fueling on the bike, pre race meals, wind, rain and road conditions and stories about past heroics and failures. Immediate connections evolve althrough you may never encounter these folks again…or you may see them at next years race and greet them with a big Hug.
And its always hugs and laughter with all of the age group friends that you gather throughout the years and competitions who become a psuedo family to share, support and applaud achievements with. Who are still out there…having fun, staying vital, pushing the limits, role models for their younger counterparts. Here’s Greg Gadarian (the only other 60 plus in the AquaBike event.) with his 1st place ever. Nice work Greg!
One of the aspects that draws me to this sport is that it is a great equilizer. When you are out on the course it’s you and the elements, you become ageless, and everyone that crosses the finish line is proud to be a triathlete. 

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