Another Restful Day

Awoke to a stunning morning, the fresh smell of pine and cedar, and what a view from my upstairs bedroom in the VW. 

On my bike at 7:15 for a 15 mi spin to check the temps for Sat. morning. I have a 6:34am (Yes, that’s 6:34 am) swim start. It will be cool on the bike and I’ll be in wet clothes with wet hair, but it will warm up in about an hour if the sun is shinning. I’ll opt for a shirt and arm warmers which I can shed. Lots of hills around here! I’ve reset my goal ride time going to 3:20. And that’s without a head wind.
Poured my self into the wetsuit (I need to allow at least 20 mins for that ordeal even with body glide) and tested the water – not as cold as I imagined. Of course at 6:34am it’s all going to be cool with a expected air temp in the high 40s to 50 degrees. But that’s part of the intrigue of these events. One never knows for sure what the elements will throw at you. 
It rained for several hours this afternoon, so I let the rain lull me into a 2 hour siesta. Have been in major energy conservation mode for 3-4 days. Am feeling ready to put the hammer down tomorrow. I can rest when they spread my ashes around.

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