Behind the scenes at the Giro

Lots of noise last night as the trucks were rolling in and set up was in process for the Giro d’Italia finish today in Verona. I was out on the streets early this morning taking in the preparations for the big event. Here’s some behind the scenes shots you won’t see on TV.

Assembling the start platform

Putting the finishing touches on the start gate

Yamaha - the official lead motorcycle

Sweeping the streets - don't want no stinking flat today!

The official officials of the Giro - checking the home stretch

The finish

All the local bike groups are out this morning

The Italians know how to make it fun - even the port-o-potties are colorful

Giro goodies and gear

So that's how the women wear those bibs....

Giro girls - que benne

The official Giro segway

Setting up the timing equipment for the finish

Everyone's helping out

Cervelo reps from around the globe - here for the party compliments of Cervelo

Map of start, finish and Gwen's hotel - what good fortune!

View of the finishing stretch from my balcone - can you believe this...

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  1. super cool…all that pink, and all the show in front of you..very neato and tres magnifique! okay, wrong language….:)

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