Villa Life

Windows wide open to let in the morning air and sounds of awakening….the cukoo bird with his morning hello, the church bells signaling the hour, horns of the cars traversing the horseshoe turns on the roads, the hills rising across the valley and the stately and prominent church of San Ginese. Soft voices from the kitchen below warming the day.

view from the front yard

Our personal bike mechanic - Dave - cleaning and lubing the bikes

Wet and washed clothes hanging everywhere. Bikes, helmets, shoes, and water bottles scattered under the roof of the side veranda. Travel books and maps littering the small table in the main living area next to the long, inviting, soft leather couch.

Our hill top pool - only too cold to swim!

The kitchen filled with smells of garlic, olive oil, bread, cheeses, meats and wines…and of course cookies and licorice. Washed and stacked dishes ready to use again soon. Communal cooking, sharing, living.

Another wonderful evening of communal dinning

Expansive green grass carpets the outdoors where the stone table sits awaiting guests to savor the food and enjoy the view. A small shaded pathway, lined with flowers leads upward to the serenity of the pool and vast sky. Breath taking on first view.

The ride/walk on the dirt or often muddy two track road opens to this stunning, peaceful, remote villa – our Italian home for two weeks.

The road to the villa

Che gioia – What joy

What happens at the villa - stays at the villa!

What a wonderful time together, great rides, food, wine, and memories –  Shawna, Howard, Rose, Larry, Dave, Michelle, Tim, Doug, and Camille

May 2010


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